One of the most beautiful places in Sardinia!


Discover the Archipelago of La Maddalena,

its islands set like precious gems in the strait

between Sardinia and Corsica,

in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea

The seven main islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago enshrine a treasure of immense natural value. The climate provides the ideal habitat for a rich biodiversity, full of endemic species. To protect the integrity of one of the most beautiful places in the world and its animal and plant species, the Archipelago was established as a National Park in 1994 and some of its wonders have been declared World Heritage Sites, like the Spiaggia Rosa, the pink beach of the island Budelli, characterized by grains of fine sand mixed with the shell of a protozoan marine organism (Miniacina miniacea). The bright and vibrant colours of the sea, the fragrance of the Mediterranean garrigue, the wind that erodes the granite cliffs, on which the observers can climb with their dreams, the energy of this ancient and legendary land, are just some of the ingredients which describe the wild beauty of the Archipelago.

The evocative atmospheres of these places tell stories of the Sea that have ancient origins. The Romans inserted these islands, named by them “cunicularie” (Islands of the Rabbits), as a stop along the nautical trade routes between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, exploiting its bays and creeks to protect themselves from the winds of each quadrant. Numerous wrecks and archaeological finds still lie in the depths of the sea bed. Its waters were the scene of battles between pirates and royal and imperial fleets, as well as resting place for sailors and check point for maritime traffic in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The voices of Napoleon, Admiral Nelson, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Saracen and Turk sailors, Corsican shepherds, fishermen from Pisa and Genoa, still resonate in the powerful wind that blows over these places, and as the song of the Sirens, they bewitch the mind and capture the heart.


Flora and fauna of La Maddalena National Park


Daily flights reach Olbia Airport “Costa Smeralda” from many Italian and European destinations. The transfer from Olbia to Palau, from where  ferries depart for the main island and town of La Maddalena Archipelago, takes about 40 minutes by car, taxi or shuttle bus. Public and private shuttle and taxi services are available from the airport. Turmo Travel provides daily buses from the airport to the ferry terminal at Palau: for more info visit the official website. Car rental and taxi services are available at the airport. For more information on ferry schedules from Palau to La Maddalena island please visit the Delcomar official website.

From the Alghero airport “Fertilia”, the public transit service Arst offers a bus service to Palau, for more INFO visit


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