NAMID is not just a boat, it is a projection of the spirit, a thought, a dream. On the other hand are not dreams, desires, a bit like “Dancing Stars” elusive circling above our heads, in the infinite dance floor of the universe? I bought the boat which I renamed “Namid” in 2014, in Carloforte, on the island of San Pietro in the South-western coast of Sardinia. I can not say it was a decision made with ease, the stakes were high for me, but I decided to invest everything and try, the idea of ​​restoring an old wooden boat fascinated me. I had my plans, I would find a solution to recoup the expenses working hard in the summer, what better boat than the Namid to discover the islands of La Maddalena Archipelago? The electrical failure out of the Gulf of Oristano during the transfert of the boat, the long voyage on the route traced by the reflection of the full moon between Alghero and Capo Falcone, the night shift on the treacherous shoals of La Pelosa, the euphoria of an always closer dawn, blossomed into a magical dead calm sea in the “Porto della Madonna”, between the islands of Santa Maria, Budelli and Razzoli, at home… are just some of the experiences shared with dear friends who have accompanied me and supported in this venture, and I’ll be always grateful to them. The shipyard began in October 2014 and ended in May 2015. I have collected informations, experiences, lost and recaptured several times hopes, breathed paint and chewed wood, I observed the soul of that boat and listened to his voice and in the end it was a success! A wonderful adventure that saw the Namid born again healthy and beautiful, almost as it was in the 70’s, when in Lavagna in Liguria were built the Motomar and Sangermani boats, when the Italian shipyards boasted the best shipwrights in the world. There is always something to do on a wooden boat, but it’s like looking after a creature, a living being, this is wood, has its own history, a wealth of experience, a memory…

I will be happy to share with you

an unforgettable boat excursion in the Archipelago

of La Maddalena aboard the Namid!


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